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Sunday 25 of February 2024

Should Music Lovers try Apple Music or go for Spotify?

Spotify app logo on a phone,photo: Flickr
Spotify app logo on a phone,photo: Flickr
We look at the pros and cons for both Apple Music and Spotify


Streaming is all the rage nowadays, whether it’s streaming television (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) or streaming music. Music is everywhere and it means everything. It’s in the sound of our shoes as we walk, it’s in the way the wind blows and the cars in the street. Whether you’re a broadway darling, show tune geek, hip hop enthusiast or just a pop kind of person, we all love having our music with us, no matter where we are. So here at the News were going to look at the two big competitors in music streaming and weigh the pros and cons.

Apple Music: Apple’s Alternative to Spotify, it’s clearly still a work in progress but those who use it swear by it. Price: $5.99 for individual, $8.99 family sharing, free three month trial.

Pros: Interconnectivity with any Apple product or device, access to Apple Radio, some artists are exclusively on Apple Music, you can try it out for three months no cost.

Cons: It’s a work in progress so it can get glitchy, there’s no free version (and ever since Apple music started, the Apple radio has worked sporadically).

Spotify: Spotify has been around for longer than Apple Music so it doesn’t have as much problems. Just like with Apple music the people who use the premium version of Spotify swear by it. Spotify comes with a free version (with ads) and a premium version. Price: $9.99 for Individual (although there’s a promotion right now that is 0.99 for three months), $14.99 for Family.

Pros: You can put songs from your library in Spotify for offline use (available to premium), ability to listen everywhere (car, phone, computer, Playstation, TV, etc.), lots of promotions (like student discounts and the 0.99 price).

Cons: The free version is great but there are too many ads and sometimes Spotify will include random songs as you’re listening to your playlists, most of the good features are available only to premium.

Either option is a wonderful way to keep your music with you no matter where the road takes you.