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Sunday 21 of July 2024

Mediqo Sends Your Doc to You

Mediqo's promo materials show happy, shiny people taking care of their health at home,photo: Mediqo
Mediqo's promo materials show happy, shiny people taking care of their health at home,photo: Mediqo
New app created in Mexico City makes it easy to avoid the doctor's office


A staff member at The News recently flagged Mediqo, the new medical house call app, as a possible feature for this tech column. I asked for her rationale and she began telling me about a deep-seated fear of doctor’s offices. She hates them, she said.

This is a common enough complaint — I know few people who truly love doctor’s offices, or taking time off work to make an appointment with one. But it’s the price we pay for health, no?

The answer might be no, if you have access to Mediqo, the new Mexico City app that allows you to schedule house calls with a few clicks, for prices that hover around 700 pesos ($37.98).

A screenshot from Mediqo's hundreds of doctor options.
A screenshot from Mediqo’s hundreds of doctor options.

The app was created for three reasons, says Mediqo’s general director Andres Arrieta in an interview with The News. “One, the overflow of doctors. Two, the bad quality of medical service in our country. Three, people’s dependence on smart phones and their tendency to organize their life through them.”

A total of 624 doctors are registered through Mediqo’s network. Mexico is a country that graduates far more medical students than there are available residencies, which means that many docs are looking for an employment alternative.

Enter Mediqo, which organizes its member health professionals into various categories so that users can easily get a gynecologist exam, or a pediatric specialist to help their little one through a cold.

The News staff member who used the app cautioned that you’ll have to supply most medical items beyond the basic stethoscope. Take note, those of you who are looking for someone to administer a shot.

Launched in February, Mediqo is currently only available in Mexico City. Arrieta says his company hopes to be present in other Mexican cities before the end of the year.