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Monday 20 of May 2024

How to Identify What Song is Playing

Headphones,photo: Pixabay
Headphones,photo: Pixabay
We'll show you different ways and programs you can use to identify songs


Have you ever heard a song and knew that you had heard it before? Or listened to that amazing new song and wanted to know what it was called so you could find it later? Nowadays, there are multiple ways to recognize what song is playing and here at The News we’ll let you know a few about them.

Shazam: An oldie but a goodie. It’s a service that can identify any song no matter what kind of song it is — from jingles, to theme songs, to rock songs. It works in a very simple manner. You just hit the Shazam button and let the phone (or the computer) speakers listen to the song. In a few seconds, it tells you the name and artist of the song. It’s available on Windows, Android, iOS and Apple in both desktop and application form. Oh and it’s available for the Apple Watch.

Siri: The easiest way to try and figure out what song is playing with an iPhone is by asking Siri. All you have to do is ask “what song is playing?” and after a few seconds Siri will give you an answer. If Siri finds the song, it might provide you with a link to buy it from the Apple store.

Ok Google: This has exactly the same functionality as Siri, except it’s for Android users and it’s done by Google. You just have to say “Ok Google” and ask what song is playing, and it will tell you what it is.

Cortona: Last but not least is Cortana. Cortana is only available for Windows 10. Microsoft’s answer to Siri also allows you to identify a song. All that you need is for the song to be playing on the speakers and “Hey Cortana” will identify the song for you.