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Saturday 13 of April 2024

Education Secretary, Business Groups Sign Agreement

The SEP signed an agreement with the CMIC and INIFED to coordinate the completion of improvements to 33,000 schools, allocating a 50 billion peso budget

MEXICO CITY – Nearly 6,000 companies affiliated with the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) will participate in bidding for schools to the CIEN program; however the Public Education Secretariat (SEP) will not pay for the work of the contractor if parents and the National Institute of Physical Education Infrastructure (INIFED) do not give approval.

The SEP signed an agreement with the CMIC to coordinate the completion of improvements to 33,000 schools, with a 50 billion peso budget allocated to the program.

According to Public Education Secretary Aurelio Nuño, “The works will not be paid for until the authorization of satisfaction from parents and the educational community that this work was delivered as agreed and in accordance with the objectives; not until this moment will all the work be paid.”

The SEP tweeted photos of the signing of the Collaboration Agreement with INIFED and CMIC.

The president of the CMIC, Gustavo Arballo, acknowledged that in a difficult economic environment for the country, “One of these opportunities is this federal government program that does not imply a debt, has a very assured source of payment and as few programs on the issue of transparency. ”

He said it is the commitment of companies who win contracts to hire local labor.

Hector Gutiérrez de la Garza, director of INIFED spoke of the probability of signing an agreement with the National Defense Secretariat, in the area of ​​the General Department of First Level Engineering.