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Thursday 25 of July 2024

e-Readers: Reading Made Easier

A Book and and eReader side by side,photo: Freegreatpicture/Max Pixel
A Book and and eReader side by side,photo: Freegreatpicture/Max Pixel
Amazon or Apple?


A few weeks back we opened up to the possibility of audiobooks as a way to avoid having to carry all our books with us whenever we go. But what happens if that doesn’t work? What if you have a disability that prevents you from using your hearing, or maybe you just don’t like the narrator of your favorite novel? You can’t always afford to carry your favorite books with you whenever you go out of town or have to sit through a long flight. So here is why here at the News we’re going to talk to you about ebooks.

Nothing will ever beat the feel of passing from one page to another in an actual book or the smell of books once you open them, but there are still ways to recapture the magic of reading. Using an e-reader is one example. You can have all the books you want in the palm of your hand and it will still feel special. Here’s the two best examples:

iBooks: iBooks is easy because you don’t have to buy it if you have an Apple product, since it comes included. But even so, you can enter any .epub, or .pdf extension. So you can either buy it from the Apple store or get it someplace else and just add it to your library. You can also make collections in your personal library for quicker searching.

Kindle: Everyone knows someone who has a Kindle. They have multiple versions and incredible types. You just have to look up the price on Amazon and it will tell you what type it is and which one you should get according to your specific needs. And if you have an older model, you can trade it in to get credit towards a newer one (as long as it doesn’t have a cracked screen and it still works).

So no matter which one you decide to go with, it will be a wise choice and it will allow you to try and recapture that lost magic of reading.