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  • Avocado and Lime Prices on the Rise

  • Prices went up the last week of March

The avocado, basic product in mexican nutrition suffered an increase in prices in the last week of March, photo: Cuartoscuro/Isaac Esquivel

03 of April 2017 15:42:38

In the last week of March, the avocado and lime had the highest increase in prices among staple food items; the latter went up 39 pesos ($2.09) in Monterrey while the former went up 70 pesos ($3.75) in Mérida.The Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) said that in convenience stores, the avocado went up 8.68 pesos ($0.46) during the week, ending at 60.37 pesos ($3.23) per kilogram. Meanwhile, the lime went up to 41.53 pesos ($2.22). The onion ended up at 14.94 pesos ($0.80) and tomato was at 12.32 pesos ($0.66) per kilogram.At the Mexico City Wholesale Market (CEDA), the price of avocados rose to 55 pesos ($2.94), 5 pesos ($0.27) more than last week, sugar was offered at 30 pesos ($1.61) and limes were sold at 27 pesos ($1.44). Tomatos and onions were at 10 ($0.54) and 8 pesos ($0.43) respectively.In Monterrey, Nuevo León, the avocado was at 42 pesos ($2.25), eggs were at 22 pesos ($1.18), sugar was at 18 pesos ($0.96), onion at 10 pesos ($0.54) and tomato at 9 pesos ($0.48) per kilogram.

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