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  • a Webapp for Art Fairs

  • All kinds of contributions are welcome in this site-specific webapp

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13 of February 2017 15:27:35


Last week, Mexico City saw the influx of hundreds of collectors, enthusiasts and artists pouring in to attend art fairs, both Zona Maco and Material Art Fair, which showcase the who’s who of contemporary art in the Americas. In addition to networking and taking in the latest from international creatives, these events also provide a fertile ground for #artselfies and shots of all kinds.[caption id="attachment_48523" align="aligncenter" width="837"] Like and dislike buttons on the site-specific webapp. Photo: Screegrab[/caption]In an effort to document the fairs and provide a different interaction for attendees, interglobal vision -- a Mexico City based design studio -- released a beta version of their webapp, a photogram specifically developed for uploads taken and submitted within art fairs. Shady or NSFW contributions are protected by anonymity and no content restrictions. This webapp also features regular feedback options such as the like and comment buttons, along with the much desired dislike button.Even if submissions are no longer available, feel free to browse through insiders takes on the weekend-long event, and make sure to keep an eye peeled for further releases by this talented design studio. A few months shy from Gallery Weekend, maybe a new version of the photogram will be available.

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