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Wednesday 28 of February 2024

Advantages of MacOS High Sierra

Photo of a MacOS X computer with a monitor behind it,photo: Pexels
Photo of a MacOS X computer with a monitor behind it,photo: Pexels
We look at some of the advantages of the new MacOS High Sierra operating system


A company like Apple is always reinventing and coming up with new ways to fix the problems in their operating systems. Every couple of years (or months in some cases) OS X users will get a new operating system for them to download and install on their computers. Sometimes they are hits, sometimes they fall short.

Here at the News we’ll be looking up at some of the advantages and how to get the best out of the new MacOS High Sierra.

Safari Settings: This one is a great new addition, especially if you don’t like websites that contain ads or videos that autoplay. You can change setting on a per-site basis from things like zoom, notifications and of course location services and microphone/video. And yes you can turn the autoplay feature off.

Notes: Notes is a great feature of Mac OS and now it’s gotten even better. Now you can input things like tables for lists, figures etc. And you can even pin notes so they appear at the top of your notes list.

Siri Update: Siri has gotten better and better as time passes, but it’s still annoying having to speak commands, especially when you’re not in a place where you can talk. Apple has now added the option to type to Siri.

Intelligent Tracking: Intelligent tracking in High Sierra takes things up a notch. Tracking prevention will help protect you even more and keep your private browsing, well private.

Other things are available like an improved mail browsing, better interconnectivity when it comes to things like iMessage across your devices and the ability to lock your screen whenever you want.