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  • Mexico Reports Zero Zika-Related Deaths

  • José Narro Robles said that Mexico will remain on alert even if there are no more Zika deaths

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25 of November 2016 15:55:15

Following the announcement made by the World Health Organization (WHO) of ruling out Zika as a world threat, Health Secretary (SSA) José Narro Robles said that Mexico will remain on alert even if there are no more deaths by Zika.“We have followed through because we are a member state of the WHO, we are vigilant of the agreements, and we have been very careful with the epidemiologic watch,” said Narro Robles.He said that Mexico has followed the cases of pregnant women who carried Zika closely and to this date there have been no microcephaly issues in newborns. Narro stated that these cases will continue to be closely monitored.


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