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Saturday 13 of April 2024

Peruvians Protest Candidacy of Fujimori's Offspring

APTOPIX Peru Protest
APTOPIX Peru Protest
Her father is in jail for authorizing death squads as president, yet Keiko Fujimori leads in the polls for his old job

LIMA, Peru — Hundreds of people marched in Peru’s capital Tuesday night for the second time in under a week to protest the presidential candidacy of the daughter of imprisoned former leader Alberto Fujimori.

ARCHIVO - Foto de archivo, 8 de enero de 2015, de Keiko Fujimori, hija del expresidente Alberto Fujimori, se dirige al tribunal donde su padre es juzgado por malversación de fondos. Julio Guzmán, el único candidato al que las encuestas adjudicaban posibilidades de vencer a Keiko Fujimori en las elecciones presidenciales peruanas del 10 de abril, quedó prácticamente fuera de la carrera electoral debido a un fallo del Jurado Nacional de Elecciones, máximo tribunal electoral, emitido el martes. (AP Foto/Martin Mejia, File)
Keiko Fujimori (c) is the daughter of the reviled Alberto Fujimori, who is in jail for actions committed during his presidency. Now she’s leading in the Peruvian polls for his old job. Photo: Associated Press/Martin Mejia

Center-right politician Keiko Fujimori is leading in polls ahead of next month’s presidential election.

Opponents are demanding she be disqualified on allegations of vote-buying after one of her strongest rivals was tossed from the race last week by electoral authorities in a ruling questioned by international observers and President Ollanta Humala.

Around 2,500 people marched in downtown Lima. Some held signs reading “No More Fujimori.”

The elder Fujimori is imprisoned for authorizing death squads and corruption committed during his decade-long rule in the 1990s. His daughter narrowly lost the 2011 presidential race to Humala.