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  • Italian Among Two Dictatorship Victims Identified in Paraguay

  • The pair were identified by DNA tests

, photo: Wikipedia

30 of August 2016 11:07:58

ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay – Paraguayan human rights groups say they've identified the remains of an Italian woman and a Paraguayan man who were seized by authorities during a bloody regional crackdown on dissidents in the 1970s.Rights activist Rogelio Goiburu says the Rafaelli Filipazzi and Miguel Ángel Soler were identified by DNA tests.Soler was secretary-general of the Paraguayan Communist Party when he was captured in the capital of Asuncion in 1975.Filipazzi was an Italian socialist living in Argentina. She vanished in Uruguay in 1977, a victim of Operation Condor in which dictatorships in several countries joined to hunt down dissidents across borders.The remains of both were found at a former police base in Asunción.

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