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Iran Appoints Cabinet's 3rd Female to Helm at Tourism Ministry

Ahmadipour's previous role was as a middle-rank official in the country's Interior Ministry
By The News · 05 of November 2016 10:47:24
Iranian President, Hassan Rouhan, during a meeting with Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin, No available, photo:

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s moderate President Hassan Rouhani has appointed a woman as the head of the country’s tourism and cultural heritage department.

His website said Saturday report says Rouhani appointed Zahra Ahmadipour as deputy president in charge of the tourism and cultural heritage department.

Ahmadipour’s previous role was as a middle-rank official in the country’s Interior Ministry. She is now the third female member of the Cabinet.

Earlier on Tuesday, parliament approved her predecessor, Masoud Soltanifar, as the minister of youth affairs and sport.

Rouhani has already appointed two female vice presidents, to head the environmental protection organization and the department for women and family affairs.

The Cabinet reshuffle comes ahead of next May’s presidential election, when Rouhani will seek to appeal to women and a younger generation of voters.