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  • European Union wants Clear Model for Relations with UK, says Cameron

  • British Prime Minister David Cameron says he can't put a time frame on negotiating his country's new relationship with the EU

El primer ministro británico, David Cameron, habla durante un acto para celebrar los 90 años de la reina Isabel II en la Catedral de San Pablo el viernes 10 de junio de 2016 en Londres. (Ben Stansall/Fotografía de Pool vía AP), photo: AP/Ben Stansall

28 of June 2016 17:02:50

BRUSSELS -- British Prime Minister David Cameron is saying after meeting fellow European Union leaders that "everyone wants to see a clear model appear" for his country's future relations with the bloc.

But Cameron said there was "a lot of understanding" at what will likely be his final EU summit that London needs time to formally trigger the start of negotiations.He said that he "can't put a time frame on that."Cameron acknowledged that "it is impossible to have all of the benefits of membership without some of the costs of membership."

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