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The News
  • El Salvador Strikes Blow Against Gang in Operation

  • Government makes high profile arrests and freezes bank accounts linked to the gang

, photo: AP /Salvador Melendez

28 of July 2016 18:14:59

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — Authorities in El Salvador are claiming a strong blow against the leadership and financing of one of the country's principal street gangs.Attorney General Douglas Meléndez said at a news conference Thursday that five leaders of the Mara Salvatrucha gang were arrested, including the man in charge of the gang's finances.National Civil Police Director Howard Cotto says authorities seized weapons, cash and vehicles during raids at homes, restaurants, bars, motels, garages and a car lot. They froze 30 bank accounts allegedly tied to the gang and arrested 77 people.Among the arrests was Marvin Adaly Ramos Quintanilla, allegedly the gang's treasurer, who is also an evangelical preacher. Meléndez says Ramos' work as a pastor gave him access to gang leaders in the country's prisons.

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