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  • Brazil's Electoral Court Keeps Temer in Office

  • The decision is a much needed victory for Temer

Judges sit in the Superior Electoral Court sit during the judgment phase of a trial involving allegations that the 2014 Rousseff-Temer ticket received illegal campaign financing in Brasilia, Brazil, Friday, June 9, 2017. photo: AP/Eraldo Peres, photo: AP/Eraldo Peres

09 of June 2017 18:45:46

Brazil's top electoral court has decided to keep embattled President Michel Temer in office.Judges on the Supreme Electoral Tribunal voted 4-3 against a suit about alleged campaign finance violations that would have annulled what was left of Temer's mandate.The decision is a much needed victory for Temer, who has faced growing calls that he resign amid a corruption scandal. suit was brought after President Dilma Rousseff and Temer, then the vice presidential candidate, won re-election in 2014. Temer took over after Rousseff was removed last year for illegal management of the federal budget.During four days of deliberations, judges argued about the strength of the evidence and whether recent plea bargains should be included. Some even noted that campaign violations were widespread in the political system, subtly arguing against punishing politicians.

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