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Tuesday 28 of May 2024

'Traviesito' Arce Suffered in Mexico City, But Will Return for More Learning

Boxer Karim Arce triumphs at Arena Coliseo,photo: Notimex/Isaías Hernández
Boxer Karim Arce triumphs at Arena Coliseo,photo: Notimex/Isaías Hernández
Nephew of champion Jorge Arce leaves family to train with renown coach

LOS MOCHIS, Sinaloa – Although at times he suffered loneliness, being away from his family among other things, 16-year-old Mexican boxer Karim ‘Traviesito’ Arce will train in Mexico City in search of greater learning and continue his path in the world of professional pugilism, with aspirations to the title.

For nearly two months Arce (6-0) lived in the Ramos Millán neighborhood in the capital, alone and with all that this implies, working under renowned trainer Ignacio Beristain of Romanza gymnasium, hundreds of kilometers from his native Los Mochis.

“It was very hard, it was a dog’s life, I lived in tiny room, lonely, without my parents, the first time away from home without them; but that made me take out the claws, feeling that hunger for victory, that was evolving,” Arce said.

60327024. México, 27 Mar 2016 (Notimex-Isaías Hernández).- El boxeador Karim Arce tuvo una presentación triunfal en la Arena Coliseo, al noquear en el primer round al toluqueño Alberto Vázquez, en una de las contiendas de respaldo de la función "Reyes del nocaut". NOTIMEX/FOTO/ISAÍAS HERNÁNDEZ/IHH/SPO/
Karim Arce knocks down Alberto Vázquez. Photo: Notimex/Isaías Hernández

The nephew of champion boxer Jorge “Travieso” Arce, made it clear he does not come “sponsored” by the five-title world champion or anyone else, “I was just one more, I’ve always felt I’ve been one more,” he said.

Everyone working at the gym were required to make the best out of every workout, “He took time with everyone equally, no preference; it is very hard, not everyone hangs on to the ‘Don Nacho’ regime,” he said.

The young boxer suffered scoldings from the coach, who in several ways to corrected and improve Arce’s boxing, but he appreciates every word from Beristain, he said, for being with the trainer of 26 world champions is very valuable.

Among the hardest things in his life was to take care of himself without comfort or assistance of coming home to his parents, and suffered during the week before his fight at the Arena Coliseo, March 26, when he defeated Alberto Vázquez.

“The hardest thing was when it came to the week of weight, I could only eat an apple and half a glass of water daily, that was all; I feel that not everyone holds up to that,” while maintaining training, said “Traviesito.”

Despite these tough life adjustments for Arce, the dream of making his own career and someday matching or exceeding the accomplishments of his uncle Jorge, returns Karim to Mexico City to work again with Ignacio Beristain, and to battle for the win over Vicente “Shanek” Castro, Saturday in Los Mochis.