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  • Televisa Attacks ChivasTV

  • Francisco Javier González says that the fans of Chivas were fooled with last Sunday’s transmission

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Fernando Carranza García

29 of November 2016 15:01:50

Francisco Javier González, editorial director of Televisa Sports, has raised his voice to join the thousands that have recently criticized ChivasTV, the most recent project of controversial owner Jorge Vergara.During the program “On the Air with Paola,” the famous commentator said that the resources that Televisa uses gives fans the best quality of transmission, whereas ChivasTV “has turned out to be a deception for own fans.”In an article titled “Because Soccer is a Serious Thing,” González says that Televisa is committed to excellence despite the high cost, something that did not happen in the return leg match between Chivas and Ámerica.“Last Sunday’s transmission imprisoned thousands of fans in a void. They were deceived because the transmission of the match was like a black hole, where the promise was not fulfilled," he said."In addition to the technical difficulties, there was also celebration [for transmission] and concealment of truth. Jorge Vergara does not know enough to realize that football is not a business and that if it was it would not be at the cost of the fans,” he said.The editorial director of Televisa Sports finished by saying that this is another year that the Chivas are the object of ridicule. "He forgot the sacred obligation of serving his fans, the first and last rule for any director.”


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