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  • Ochoa: The Game Against the U.S. Will Be Tough

  • The goalkeeper is confident that the Mexican national team will defeat the United States in Columbus

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07 of November 2016 15:08:18

Guillermo Ochoa, goalkeeper for the Mexico national football team, said that the game against the United States in the world cup qualifying “Hexagonal” round will be a challenge, but he is confident of a Mexican victory.“Historically, these games have always been complicated. Playing as the visitor in The Hex gives the game an added level of importance, and even more against a rival like the United States that have good players. Hopefully we can start off on the right foot,” said Ochoa.Ochoa said that the weather in Columbus will be difficult for the Mexicans, but they are circumstances that will have to be overcome.Ochoa has had problems beating the U.S. team in the past, never beating them in Columbus. The last time Mexico won a game in the world cup on U.S. soil was in 1973.Regarding the process of team selection by Mexico’s head coach, Juan Carlos Osorio, Ochoa said that it would not be easy. “It’s very complicated to have continuity and the calmness needed for selection with such little time.”Osorio has not yet announced who he will select to safeguard Mexico’s net. Ochoa though, who currently plays football in Spain, could be leading the fight to start, above fellow keepers Alfredo Talavera and Jesús Corona.


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