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  • Millionaire's Duel: The Worth of América and Real Madrid

  • December 15th will see the world’s most valuable team pit their skills against Mexico’s third most expensive squad

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Isaac Esquivel

14 of December 2016 14:31:14

América will face Real Madrid on December 15th in a duel to see who will reach the World Club Cup final, after Las Águilas defeated South Korea's Jeonbuk 2-1 on Sunday.Although América is considered one of the richest teams in Mexican soccer, it will face the most valuable squad on the planet -- not only by marketing wealth, but also due to the value of each one of its players.This year Real Madrid’s squad amounts to around $818 million, according to Forbes and Transfer Market. América’s squad is placed as the third most expensive Mexican soccer squad, at $40 million, behind Tigre’s and Chivas who are worth $42 million and $40.5 million respectively.Madrid’s central defender, Sergio Ramos, is worth more than the entire América team. He is considered to be worth $42 million, not to mention Cristiano Ronaldo, who would cost $116 million and be three times as expensive as the Mexican team.In comparison, the most expensive América team is Silvio Romero at $3.6 million, followed by Carlos Darwin Quintero at $3.1 million and Oribe Peralta at $2.9 million.Despite the vast gap in value between Madrid and Las Águilas, the team from Coapa maintain hope of an upset.Value of Real Madrid1. Keylor Navas $21.3 million2. Daniel Carvajal $26.6 million3. Pepe $6.3 million4. Sergio Ramos $42.6 million5. Raphael Varane $31.9 million6. Nacho Fernández $5.3 million7. Cristiano Ronaldo $117 million8. Toni Kroos $64 million9. Karim Benzema $64 million10. James Rodríguez $74.5 million12. Marcelo $32 million13. Kiko Casilla $6.3 million14. Casemiro $21.2 million15. Fabio Coentrão $10.6 million16. Mateo Kovacic $20 million17. Lucas Vázquez $10.6 million18. Mariano Díaz $21.2 million19. Luka Modric $53.2 million20. Marco Ascensio $15.9 million21. Álvaro Morata $42.5 million22. Isco $37.2 million23. Danilo $19.1 million25. Rubén Yáñez $319,000TOTAL: Approximately $726 million (14,698,671,154.80 pesos)Value of América1. Hugo González $1.59 million2. Paolo Goltz $1.9 million3. Gil Burón $423,0004. Erik Pimentel $846,0005. Javier Güemez $2.12 million6. Miguel Samudio $1.9 million7. William da Silva $1.9 million9. Silvio Romero $3.7 million10. Osvaldo Martínez $2.64 million11. Michael Arroyo $2.11 million12. Pablo Aguilar $2.43 million13. Jonathan León N/A14. Rubens Sambueza $2.11 million15. Osmar Mares $1.9 million17. Ventura Alvarado $1.27 million18. Bruno Valdéz $1.58 million21. José Guerrero $2.11 million23. Moisés Muñoz $1.9 million24. Oribe Peralta $2.96 million29. Carlos Rosel $317,00030. Alex Ibarra $1.85 million31. Darwin Quintero $3.17 million37. Edson Álvarez N/ATOTAL: Approximately $40.13 million (817,637,034.35 pesos)


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