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The News
  • Drug Testers Face Obstruction in Russia

  • World Anti-Doping Agency says testers have been subject to intimidation

, photo: Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin

15 of June 2016 12:20:31

MONTREAL, Canada — The World Anti-Doping Agency says drug testers in Russia are being routinely obstructed by athletes and security services even as Russia tries to regain its place in Olympic track and field.In a report published two days before a key vote on whether to readmit Russia's track team for the Rio Olympics, WADA says testers have been intimidated by officials from the FSB security service and that packages containing samples have been tampered with by Russian customs services.Athletes have provided false information about their whereabouts, avoided drug testers at competitions, WADA says. In one case, an athlete attempted to give a fake urine sample using "a container inserted inside her body."WADA also says it received reports that a "laboratory ... with centrifuge and other analytical equipment" was used by athletes during a Russian national wrestling championship.

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