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  • Carlos Sánchez Confirms Absence in Clausura Final

  • Monterrey midfielder will miss grand finale against Pachuca

, photo: Notimex/Juan Carlos Pérez

24 of May 2016 12:39:29

Although the Rayados of Monterrey sought to negotiate a solution, Uruguayan midfielder Carlos Sánchez will miss the final series of the 2016 Torneo Clausura, attending a training camp with his country's national selection team for the Copa América Centenario.[caption id="attachment_19062" align="alignright" width="200"]Rayados of Monterrey midfielder Carlos Sánchez. Photo: Mexsport/Wikipidia Rayados of Monterrey midfielder Carlos Sánchez. Photo: Mexsport/Wikipidia[/caption]The player said in a statement that "Commitments to the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) before my arrival to this great institution, oblige me as of Monday to defend the jersey of my country, which I love deeply.""It hurts my soul that I cannot be present at this final, which we reached after great effort, sacrifice and love. [I won't] be present, but my soul and my mind will be at the stadium," Sánchez said.He said that this situation provokes "mixed feelings," but he hoped that the Rayados, the league leaders during the regular season, will rise to the title of Liga MX.In the morning, Sánchez was at the workout facilities of El Barrial in Monterrey, and later flew to Mexico City, where he will continue on to Montevideo.The Monterrey club tried to negotiate with Sánchez and the AUF, but ultimately, no arrangement could be reached with the Uruguayan organization, so Sánchez will play for the South American team.


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