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  • Barovero Praises the Work of Muñoz

  • The goalkeeper of Necaxa said that his Américanista colleague was decisive in their triumph

, photo: Cuatroscuro/Isaac Esquivel

05 of December 2016 14:06:39

Necaxa’s goalkeeper, Marcelo Barovero, highlighted the work of Moisés Muñoz, and said he was decisive in their victory, taking América into the final of the 2016 Opening Season.“Seeing the game, we had a couple of clear opportunities, but it was logical that they would have their opportunities and they took advantage of them. We couldn’t counter América, and I think that Moisés Muñoz was key here and there and that kicks us out,” said Barovero.Necaxa is already planning next season, but it is unlikely to be the same as this current season. Rather than saving themselves from the drop, the team will want to fight in the league and for the title.“In our job we must always respond to events. We achieved a lot this season and we want to be in here again, so we will try to continue in the same way.”


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