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  • América and Chivas Play for Passage to the Copa MX Final

  • América looks for revenge in its 100th year and is ready to confront the Clásico tonight

, photo: Cuatroscuro/Adolfo Vladimir

26 of October 2016 15:48:36

Hoping to avenge their humiliating defeat suffered some weeks back, Club América will receive Guadalajara tonight, who themselves want to even the score for their elimination in the group stages of the Torneo Clausura 2016. This evening’s match will decide who will advance into the finals of the Copa MX.The two teams will meet on the field of the Azteca stadium at 9 p.m., with Luis Enrique Santander taking duties as referee.In its 100th year, Club América has the possibility to regain some pride after the significant defeat at the hands of their arch-rivals.To win, América must offer much more than they did on that fateful night in August. This looks likely as their former manager, Ignacio Ambriz, is no longer in charge, and the team is still unbeaten under the leadership of Ricardo La Volpe.La Volpe will know that winning this match will give him ample opportunity to remain in power and lay the foundations of a long-term project.Meanwhile, Las Chivas de Guadalajara (The Goats of Guadalajara) will want to repeat their victory over Las Águilas (the Eagles), and seize the opportunity to fight for the title.Although Las Chivas deny that they would look forward to spoiling América’s 100 year celebrations, it is clear that this is one more reason to fight.It remains to be seen whether the wear and tear of the Guadalajaran’s loss against Pachuca on Sunday night will affect the players.


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