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Wednesday 29 of May 2024

We The Reborn

Alejandro G. Inarritu poses with his Feature Film award for
Alejandro G. Inarritu poses with his Feature Film award for "The Revenant" during the 68th annual DGA Awards in Los Angeles
Artists have the ability to bury in time all of the bad that society accumulates

Almost no one remembers the Machiavelli that was Pope Julius II, but something that we do remember is that he was the pope who constantly asked Michelangelo while he was painting the Sistine Chapel, “When will you be finished?” To which the artist responded, “When I’m done.”

Artists have the ability to bury in time all of the bad that society accumulates.

And in this sense, now when technology and its effects can do anything, for the third time in a row, film history has a Mexican accent, where only Emmanuel Lubezki’s eye brings a very interesting message about the current global situation.

Iñárritu won another Oscar? In reality, we don’t know yet, but what I do know is that he has already won the right to be Mexican and to contribute to his country.

Now, among the people of the world that need to be reborn, are the Mexicans, living in the suffering of war wrapped in the  cellophane of peace.

The bear that rips us apart is that of our own indifference, because the animal that buries us with its paws and breaks our spine, is the same bear that we pay to protect us called the Nation.

The evil that kills our child, the one that requires us to have an engine to live and that feeds our spirit of vengeance, is the same one that is embodied in so many accumulated years of thirst for social justice.

We are the people of the reborn. And now, a Mexican director managed to get someone like Leonardo DiCaprio — who despite being a great actor, has made a career off his good looks — to look so ugly, like his own rebirth, with a hope based in revenge.

If he wins the Oscar, he will have deserved it. But, if he doesn’t, he should win from us the recognition of having created a parable for our daily fight against those who rob us, kill us, swindle us and even worse, pretend that it’s natural, like the fury of a bear when the safety of its young is threatened.

Mexico is being reborn with people who, although they don’t live in the country, do not forget us, the testimony of the present and hope for the future.

Despite criticism that Alfonso Cuarón received for addressing a letter to President Peña Nieto from Los Angeles questioning the  Energy Reform, I don’t think it’s understood that the important thing for one who considers themself Mexican — even though they don’t live here and don’t run the risk of being killed or disappeared — consists of always thinking about the people
who saw you be born.