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Monday 16, December 2019
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The Resistible Rise of Trump

The United States have always had political extremists who profess a form of populism that in the 1930s was called fascism or National Socialism
By The News · 23 of February 2016 10:16:46
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump waves after addressing supporters after being declared by the television networks as the winner of the Nevada Repulican caucuses at his caucus night rally in Las Vegas, Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. REUTERS/JIM YOUNG, No available

German playwright Bertolt Brecht’s play titled “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui” ridicules and describes the leaders of the Nazi Party — beginning with Hitler — as a bunch of gangsters who seek to conquer power as if they were selling auto parts, legally or illegally, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood here in Mexico City.

The play shows trough an atmosphere of black humor the way in which the Nazis came to power in Germany. In the end, we all laugh in the middle of a speech made by the mustachioed character, who then takes his mustache off and asks the audience not to laugh, but to learn to listen and not just to hear, because the bitch that spawned fascism is pregnant again.

Donald Trump won the primaries in South Carolina. And Jeb Bush, the brightest, the most prepared and the one who had the family support to follow the footsteps of his father and brother, suffered the rejection of the Caesars and left the presidential race.

And, despite how politically incorrect Trump may be, he is now established and the favorite candidate of the Republicans. However, I am sure that the American system, and not just the electors, won’t let him become president even if the wins the Republican nomination.

Undoubtedly, these campaigns are showing the true angle of eruption that the political systems have stored.

The United States have always had political extremists who profess a form of populism that in the 1930s was called fascism or National Socialism. But now that can be considered as the expression of U.S. frustration through the setting of external enemies — including the Mexicans — so that they can deliver blows in the shape of political agendas.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton won in Nevada. But if she had lost, the next illustrious name to leave the race it would have been her, because a misstep on March 1, when 11 states will hold elections, could have amounted to the end of her campaign. Even if that would mean to leave the country in the hands of 74-year young Bernie Sanders.

The United States are angry and are using a clown like Trump to prove it. But, as in Brecht’s play, I think it’s important that politicians, authorities and social leaders learn to listen and not just hear.

Because any idiot can change history. However, the thing to do is to be at the forefront in order to avoid Copernican twists and situations which can only lead to absurd “Trump-manias.”