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Saturday 13 of July 2024

The Minimum Effort

Nuevo León Gov. Jaime Rodríguez
Nuevo León Gov. Jaime Rodríguez "El Bronco",photo: Notimex/Carlos Pacheco
Those who thought that they had it all figured out will have to think things over again

In Mexico, we are experiencing an electoral campaign in which we’re not trying to convince anyone of anything and in which we have a virtual reality which is only defined by what is inside and outside the reign of cyberspace.

In this context, we have our first fact: up until now, no candidacy ― with our without an alliance ― has been able to give us an original proposal.

In the case of the independent candidates, what is happening is like a bad joke, because beyond all of the difficulties that they have to face, now we find ourselves with the proposal that only one independent candidacy should exist for the 2018 elections.

In this sense, what will happen with the rest of the independent candidates, starting with Jaime Rodríguez Calderón “El Bronco,” who has had the most success? Perhaps they will disappear? Or maybe they will turn into independent minions, like aspiring presidential candidate Jorge Castañeda Gutman believes.

But also, what can we suggest for the country, now that we are in a time of such upheaval, deception and resignation in political offers, from the old parties to the new realities?

Do we recommend that campaigns be run from home and that only people that have a better structure be considered to be in power?

Do we propose that citizens forget about the possibility of having a country with justice that fights against impunity? Or do we tell them to look the other way in this hopeless catastrophe of Mexican politics, in which we all know that corruption is our main problem, but nevertheless we are incapable of building a national front to eradicate it?

However, this is not the minimum effort law, but rather in my opinion it is a confusion brought to the limit, which without a doubt will bring some consequences come the June 5 elections. One of these consequences is that these elections will be much more important for the 2018 elections that what we could have imagined.

On the other hand, those who thought that they had it all figured out will have to think things over again, since nothing is decided yet and everything keeps moving. And because at the end of the day there is a new factor in the world: Cyberspace, which doesn’t allow us to know where reality begins and ends, since it puts so many conditions on it that it simply consumes it.

But among that creation of leaders, the first thing that must be defined is the role of the parties, and after that we should look for an offer that is understandable, modern, hopeful and which can address the needs of the country. Do you know one like that?