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Saturday 13 of April 2024

The Conspiracy of Silence

Not all politicians are thieves and not all journalists are corrupt

I am aware that everyone working in the press and in politics take part, in most cases, in a promiscuous and incestuous relationship.

However, not all politicians are thieves and not all journalists are corrupt. But it is true that we are part of the same network, sometimes as an audience and sometimes as protagonists.

Now the U.S. press is being attacked by members of the Republican Party as it is being accused of not making public all of Donald Trump’s scandals and frauds on time in order to stop his campaign.

In the case of Mexico, there is a government fully warned by the press of all that is happening in the country and all that is in the minefield which we walk upon.

But what nobody imagined is that this government, accused of being so tied to Televisa, was to become practically deaf to the media.

In that sense, it is dangerous to be a hostage in the hands of a corrupt group of pirates. But it is more dangerous to proceed without listening to the warnings because of pride, fear and that belief that everything can be fixed in the end with money.

The latest drama — whether is the truth or a lie — involving the alleged daughter of “El Chapo” is just one example. Although you have to be careful with the data, because what she said to accredited international media is what we all already assume. That is, that “El Chapo” has a list of very important partners that nest in the highest echelons of power.

But the problem that should really worry us is that this almost-autistic conspiracy of silence which the government is experiencing doesn’t listen to anyone but their own applause and the clink of what they believe the country needs.

That is risky at any time, because although it may end us all, also weakens then, in the sense that the clocks of history are no longer moving to their favor.

Nevertheless, I am glad that there is a guarantee of professional management from the ruling party. That could keep the system from a total breakdown.

Meanwhile, our government has to know that in the age of Twitter you can’t be confused. Because it it one thing to know that corruption is terrible and say so in social networks, and another very different thing is the background work that shows where the system is terminating itself.

But in any case, our leaders must start listening, because the cry is already unbearable.