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Wednesday 24 of July 2024

Thank God It’s Friday

Everything is possible in our country

Friday is undoubtedly the favorite day of millions of the inhabitants of this endangered planet called Earth.

However, in Mexico — a planet that belongs to the solar system but that is very alien to planet Earth — we can’t even care if it is indeed Friday, or Monday, or Wednesday, because our problems are always present as are our evasions.

Everything is possible in our country. From a soccer player who can summon more than 60,000 people to the stadium, to the fact that that character can also be elected as the mayor of one of the most iconic cities in the nation, Cuernavaca, the city of eternal spring.

Each weekend that passes brings us closes to our next historical scale. And in that sense, it is well known that, for a Mexican, every six years the heavens open, a god comes forward and we have a new Tlatoani, the maximum leader.

The problem is knowing how and where our tlatoanis rest. For example, an exercise that I think is interesting is finding out what the person who may become our new Tlatoani will do this weekend.

Because political parties will continue to do what they always do: feeding on the blood that they have taken from you and me. And everyone else who is part of this planet called Mexico will be repeating the same things and dealing with the same problems.

Does that mean that there is no solution? Frankly, I don’t think so. Because that means that we, despite living in a remote planet, are still very human and have many reasons to describe what we must do and explain and justify why we don’t do it.

We are a country where now, in Mexico City, rain allowed us to breathe once more. It’s a shame that pollution, and not exactly that of the death camps, but of the corruption camps, creates a fetid atmosphere than that which produced Auschwitz near Krakow, during the time of the Holocaust.

And meanwhile, judges and prosecutors simply remain absent, but still continue to charge us for their money.

This weekend we can expect anything, but the only certainty is that on Monday we will remain a country with hope but without justice.

Meanwhile, we can begin to consider what what we will each ask of the new Tlatoani, as if he were Santa Claus, because the one we have today is already moving away between the mountains of oblivion.