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Friday 29, May 2020
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National Dignity

Just like it happened in that European country that was Beethoven's cradle, where collaborating with Jews was considered a crime, now a relationship with Mexicans could be punished
By The News · 01 of March 2016 08:51:30
TRUMP, No available, No available

Today 12 states from our powerful neighbor to the North will chose whether to continue down the road of barbarity, with us Mexicans at their feet, or to see if the systems is powerful enough ― like political consultant Karl Rove thinks ― to put at stop to the crazy horse that we call businessman Donald Trump, who is advancing without stop to the republican nomination.

Meanwhile, I look around my town and toward the government. I look to the academics and I also look for how, when and where a dignified response will be given by the people that live in this country to Trump’s savageness.

Naturally, like what always happens with people in power, it is better to trust that they will destroy each other than to confront them. But Mr. Trump has already crossed a limit that we cannot ignore.

And it’s not because he calls us rapists and drug traffickers. It’s because in the background he is threatening millions of illegal immigrants that live in his country. He only does this because in these situations, like Sinclair Lewis wrote, “it can’t happen here.”

But just like it happened in that European country that was Beethoven’s cradle, where collaborating with Jews was considered a crime, now a relationship with Mexicans could be punished, even in our condition of slavery.

The Mexican government, the political parties and intellectuals have something pending. It is to answer Trump in an appropriate way. And to do this, neither the timid notes from the Foreign Affairs Secretariat nor the intelligent remarks about everyone falling from their own weight will work.

In addition, we should not forget that sometimes enemies die, but one should get rid of them.

And in this sense, our country submerged in “Trumpania” is committing a terrible mistake by not defending itself and not defending us. Because of this, I have the right to ask for a demonstration so that people can see Mexico’s real interest.

I don’t want to build a wall make of insults, but I do want to call for a road make of dignified responses, which I now consider to be damaged, forgotten and sacrificed.

If Trump is the official candidate, U.S. citizens need to know that they are sinking into danger that they’ve never been in before.

In another time, in the land of Thomas Jefferson, the founding fathers would have been the first to put Trump in his place. Because freedom of expression is sacred, but respect of the human condition and the fact that all men are created equal is also obligatory.