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Friday 14 of June 2024


Mexico City’s constitution will have the opportunity to pay tribute to the history of the country

From Hernán Cortés to John F. Kennedy, from Leon Trotsky to “El Chapo,” everyone has been enchanted by the charm of the Valley of Mexico.

In Mexico, everything we do is always different, unique and particular. So, it is not surprising the difference — more markedly every day — between what it means to be Mexican and to be from anywhere else.

There are very few cities in the world so cosmopolitan in cultural and artistic terms, so capable of sending and receiving a message to tomorrow, as Mexico City.

This is a city that has served as the location for the latest James Bond film and as the door of history that permitted the entrance of the revolutionaries who stormed the heavens.

Now, the constitution for the country’s capital is being written. This is a capital which, despite everything and everyone, is a different place. It is an oasis that always conveys joy when one treads its territory. And it is a city that has not ceased to be a great point of reference for the rest of the state of the Mexican republic.

However, the most important thing of all is that people should be aware that continuing to be wrapped in the intentions to use yesterday’s history to escape the moment we live today, will always be a crime of high treason.

In that sense, Mexico City’s constitution will have the opportunity to pay tribute to the history of the country and to the constitution of 1917, which will soon celebrate its centenary.

It will also be able to take advantage of the best parts implemented by our ancestors and state, with a practical and modern sense, what today’s Mexicans can achieve in relation to a higher standard of living.

There is no doubt that this process will be an opportune time, not only for constitutionalists and demagogues, but for the citizens, so they can witness the consecration of the conquests that social and civic movements in the country have achieved. Thus, they will move forward, having the possibility of turning those ideological achievements into fundamental constitutional rights.

It will also be a great opportunity to consolidate individual freedoms and make the constitution a true element of reference, of what it means to actively defend the right to pursue happiness itself.

And, although in many places things don’t work right, now the people of what once was the Federal District will have the opportunity to step forward and be able to outdo themselves as the society of the great capital of Mexico.