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Friday 19 of April 2024

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Obama and Castro.
Obama and Castro.
We had to go trough Bush in order to have Obama

The truth is that history does have a sequel. The truth is that the one who follows it, gets it. And the truth is that in the history of Cuba’s independence, only two presidents of the United States in office have visited that country.

The first was John Calving Coolidge in 1928, who got off the USS Texas battleship, obeying the U.S. Prohibition law. And being the quintessential Tea Parties of that day, he looked askance at those unwanted neighbors in the back door, heirs to one of the best U.S. speculative territorial operations which in 1898 resulted in the appropriation of Cuba, Guam, Filipinas and Puerto Rico.

The second was Barack Obama, who didn’t arrive riding the successes of a liberation war against the communist monster, but came to fulfill the most importan contributions of tis mandate, in the eight years of his tenure at the White House.

Because Obama is among those who believe that no matter how powerful the United States are, they cannot be the common enemy of the rest of the countries.

That is why, implementing an operation that goes beyond what we know, Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista and the communism 90 miles away from Miami, he began to change and bring order to that space established by his predecessors by the principe of “America for the Americans”.

Fidel Castro is still alive and certainly, at the moment when Air Force One landed on the runway of the José Martí International Airport, one of the highlights of his history was fulfilled.

And it’s not like the enemy had given up. But they accepted their rules, their conditions and their regime when visiting them, a change of policy that only ten years ago would have been inconceivable.

I will never know if Osama Bin Laden agreed or now with the liberation movements which also developed in Latin America, but what I do know id that, after the Twin Towers collapsed, all the skin of the world experienced change and this trip is one of those consequences.

And just as we had to go trough Bush in order to have Obama, in order to promote peace with their Caribbean neighbors they had to lose wars in countries like Iraq.

But the truth is that the trade agreements and the consequences of this trip highlight a profile that goes far beyond the man who will hand the baton to whomever comes next, on Jan. 20, 2017.