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Monday 24 of June 2024

I Want to Be Governor

This year we will elect 12 of these “superheroes”

Do you remember when we you were young and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up?

It’s clear for me now, because when I grow up I want to be governor.

We live in a country that for 70 years has focused its national goal in weakening the president’s power. His power was enormous. What is more: if Mexico were not a secular state, the president could also have condemned us to hell as sinners.

But after 70 years of attempts to lower the presidential figure to the earthly realm, came the transition that led us to have an “underground” president, as was Vicente Fox.

In return, we invented 31 little presidents, one for each estate of the republic, who devoted themselves to buy planes and began to receive part of the federal budget corresponding to security, health and education, without having to explain the way in which that money was spent.

The thing is, that money is already allocated and it is even required that they spend it on something. However, the institution responsible for reviewing the proper use of public funds, the Federal Auditing Agency (ASF), is today a symbolic agency, because it doesn’t have the power to imprison corrupt governors.

In that sense, we have a state and a president who are very concerned about governors, because if everyone commits a crime it is very difficult to make them responsible. And all of the, when it comes to spending the budget and be corrupted, are much freer than the president himself.

This year we will elect 12 of these “superheroes” and we must consider that maybe there will be some of them with good intentions. But it’s very likely that most are like those who have secrets.

And then, as if that were not enough, former President Felipe Calderón made them the great gift of enabling them to pay for the fuel and food of the troops sent to fight drug trafficking from their state security budgets. Can you imagine what happened there?

Without a doubt, I want to be governor! I will manage the budgets of the federation. And I can only be condemned once a year in a statement made to the Congress that nobody cares about.

Therefore, whenever authorities make statements about the failure of our police, they are wrong in their remarks. Because, deep down, those who are truly responsible for making police officers the kingpins of crime are the governors, for the misuse that they make of money.

What I suggest is that confidence tests are not only implemented on police officers, but also on our governor-lords.