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Thursday 07 of December 2023

Holy Week

Mexico has had to deal with a major contradiction regarding how to relate its deepest feelings with the compliance of laws and the current conditions

Mexico has no religion, we are a secular state. Moreover, the separation between any church and the country’s government is a constitutional imperative.

However, Mexico has had to deal with a major contradiction regarding how to relate its deepest feelings with the compliance of laws and the current conditions. Because the church has positioned itself against the enemies of the revolution, giving rise to the historial process we are experiencing now.

But anyway, the passion, beliefs and the stations of the cross celebrated by believers don’t end with the crucifixion. The week, there are a number of issues that we can’t ignore.

For example, the transcendent statement made by National Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos, saying that it was a mistake to take the army to the streets in order to fight drug trafficking and doing a task that was not theirs.

And if we add that statement to the one made by Interior Secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, saying that the policy implemented by former President Felipe Calderón regarding the war against drugs was poorly designed and a mistake, we must recognize that we have entered new times.

In that sense, the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto can be considered as the most generous with its predecessors in the political history of the country. Because, when he took office, he decided not to expose other people and not to attend to all the cases of missing persons during the six years of Calderón’s office.

They must have had some reason to act like that and I want to believe that they decided to make a clean slate. However, that clean slate hasn’t erased the history of Mexico, because, as we already know, there is nothing harder to disappear that a missing person.

From here, circumstances will become more complicated with increasingly dark clouds. We must understand very well what the trends in the country mean. And even if it seems that nothing happens despite everything we do, make no mistake, because that is a lie.

The Holy Week is starting. There will be passion, pain and crucifixion. But what is less clear is when there will be resurrection and who will be affected by it.

Bur for now, in a review of history we must remember that Oct. 2, 1968, is not forgotten. That event marked the life of the country and still does to this day.

However, I must remind you that the dead in Tlatelolco, regarding numbers — although one dead person represents all — can’t be compared to the number of murders committed in the times of the war against drug trafficking.