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Saturday 13 of April 2024

Even if You Hide

Everything we do can be captured in a photo, audio or video

Now there is an scandal surrounding Mexico CIty’s Miguel Hidalgo Borough President Xóchitl Gálvez. I think that the only mistake she did was to asume as an error the fact of broadcasting the birthday party of Diego Fernández de Cevallos through Periscope.

We must not forget that we live in a time and age where if you want to hide something, it is better to just not do it in the first place.

Because we live in a time when there is no one who has lived or currently lives off the national budget who doesn’t fill their mouths with speeches and intentions of transparency and accountability.

In that sense, does one have the right of inviting whom he pleases to his home? Of course. Is there privacy? Yes, there is. Only now privacy is defined by the current Internet era. Everything we do can be captured in a photo, audio or video and be posted immediately on social networks.

What we can’t forget is that we are all children of yesterday. And I can say that I long defended and believed that the construction of the modern Mexican state, represented by the understanding between Fernández de Cevallos and Salinas de Gortari, was an example for us all.

I even think that it is a good thing that characters such as former President Felipe Calderón, who is such a special person, was at Chief Diego’s party.

But what we can’t do is acting surprised about something that is already known. And if so, where is the surprise in the fact that the ruling class, what López Obrador calls the mafia of power, holds meetings?

Because the only surprise is how much is costing us to realize this truth. And the truth is that our politicians, at least the old guard, are children of pacts, of understandings and of swimming in the common pool of the general budget.

The fact that they could have obtained more benefits and could build monopolies in the country as a result of those reunions, is not new.

And also the fact that they show to the people — where surely some of them are making money from all that is evidenced by Periscope, Twiter, Facebook or Instagram — how the rulers truly live has never been considered as something bad, or baffling.

However, the only thing that bothers me a little is that, if every step you and I take can be posted on Twitter or Facebook, now there is a scandal because an official showed us our leaders and our ruling class having a good time at a private party on a weekend.

Why are we surprised? We already know they are the way they are.