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  • Yunes Landa Comments on Duarte's Resignation

  • Yunes Landa said that Duarte de Ochoa was a burden for the PRI

FOTO: SENADO /CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Mexican Senate, via Cuartoscuro

12 of October 2016 15:19:08

Former Institutional Revolution Party (PRI) Veracruz Senator Héctor Yunes Landa said Javier Duarte de Ochoa's decision to resign has come too late."I think his resignation comes rather late, but tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or two days before the end of his term would have been even later," Yunes Landa said. Duarte de Ochoa resigned just weeks before the end of his term after federal investigators opened an investigation into charges of corruption, including the diversion of public funds and embezzlement. "The request is an answer to the social outcry in Veracruz. It was inevitable that Duarte leave his post.”Yunes Landa said that Duarte de Ochoa was a burden for the party and will soon be expelled from the PRI."I've said it many times. I have said it on national media. Of course, he is a burden. I think that's Duarte's fate, to be expelled from the party."Yunes Landa said Duarte de Ochoa's departure from office should expedite the investigations for the charges against him. He explained that the important thing now is that Veracruz be able to return to a peaceful state.He reiterated that the charges against Duarte de Ochoa do not represent a "witch hunt." He added that the expulsion of Duarte de Ochoa should smooth over many of the issues that the PRI now face.

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