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The News
  • Vehicle Verification Deadline Extended

  • Vehicles with yellow stickers and license plates ending in 6 and 7 will have until September 15th to complete emissions tests

, photo: Notimex/Jorge Torres

12 of July 2016 14:04:01

The Mexico City Environment Secretariat (Sedema) extended the emissions test deadline 15 days for vehicles with yellow stickers and license plates ending in 6 or 7. More than half of the Vehicle Verification Centers had to suspend service at the start of July due to errors in the new emission measurement system. The deadline extension will now give drivers with yellow stickers until September 15 to verify their vehicles.With the new vehicle verification regulations that went into effect this month, the test methods for emissions levels changed significantly. A Sedema press release stated, "The operation of the new machines and test methods for pollutants resulted in a delay during the first days of July. Verification tests could not be carried out for the vehicles assigned to those days."The calendar for vehicle verification in the remainder of 2016 is unchanged.

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