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UAEM Celebrates the Power of Music

Music can help to reduce stress, alleviate sadness and improve interpersonal relationships
By The News · 15 of April 2016 13:05:08
Music professor, No available, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

Music is linked to brain activity, which activates most parts of the brain — the left and right hemispheres and the cerebellum. Because of this, music can help to reduce stress, alleviate sadness and improve interpersonal relationships, composer and director of the Music Counseling Academic Center Amelia Guízar Bermúdez confirmed.

Guízar Bermúdez gave a conference entitled “The Magic of Music and its Impact on the Brain” as a part of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico’s (UAEM) “April, Month of Reading” academic and cultural program. The program, which aims to promote reading for pleasure, has been going on for 20 years at the university.

While carrying out a series of exercises with students from the UAEM Nezahualcóyotl high school campus, Guízar Bermúdez said that “music is a balm for the soul, for everything that it implies and connects in our lives.”

She said that music forms a part of our biology, and begins in the womb, because the first organ that develops in our bodies is the inner ear. “This is the reason that music invites us to dance, enjoy and relax. Music reaches our soul because we began to hear it in our mother’s womb,” Guízar Bermúdez said.

She concluded by saying that quality music of any genre intensifies brain functions and can correct brain disfunction, being capable of revealing truths about life and expressing feelings in a way that language doesn’t even come close to.