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Sunday 26 of May 2024

Two Mountain Climbers Found Dead on Nevado de Toluca

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Red Cross recovers cadavers from a height of 15,364 feet

A group of rescue workers from the Mexican Red Cross recovered the bodies of two mountain climbers who died after a fall in the Nevado de Toluca volcano, announced the organization.

The Red Cross office in the State of Mexico, neighbor of the country’s capital, said that another three mountain climbers reported that they saw the two men fall approximately 300 meters (one thousand feet). A search team arrived at the site on Monday afternoon and confirmed the deaths, but the recuperation of the cadavers was delayed due to bad weather.

The bodies were brought down the mountain from an altitude of 4,680 meters (15,354 feet).

The Red Cross did not give out the names or nationalities of the fallen mountain climbers, saying only that they were between 35 and 40 years old.