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Friday 19 of July 2024

PAN leader: Trump a Threat to the World

“Donald Trump's campaign started like a bad joke. But now, he's a clown who doesn't make us laugh anymore."

Donald Trump is a threat to Mexico, the United States and the world, said National Action Party leader Ricardo Anaya Cortés.

The political leader said that the candidate does not deserve to represent one of the biggest parties in the world or a country like the United States.

Anaya Cortés also posted on his Twitter page about Trump:

“The list of unfortunate things that comes out of his mouth is unending. He once said that the Chinese invented the concept of climate change to reduce competition with U.S. manufacturers,” Anaya Cortés said.

“He has picked fights with the pope, politicians from other counties and beauty queens. He has made racist commentaries against the Mexicans that cross the border, calling them rapists,” the PAN leader added.

Anaya Cortés said on his Twitter page that Trumps negativity towards immigrants puts Mexicans’ integrity in danger:

He has also insinuated that all Muslims are terrorists and justified their torture, said Anaya Cortés.

“Donald Trump’s campaign started like a bad joke. But now, he’s a clown who doesn’t make us laugh anymore. He worries us because he has become a real threat,” the leader said.

The PAN leader said that the relationship between Mexico and the United States is formed on collaboration and co-responsibility. Both know that the Mexicans that cross the border in search of better opportunities are keys to the prosperity of the United States.

“Joe Biden said in his recent visit to Mexico that at least six million U.S. workers have jobs thanks to business with Mexico. These are facts that need to be considered when making a decision as important as closing a border,” Anaya Cortés said.

The PAN leader also pointed out that the United States exports more to Mexico than to Brazil, Russia, India and China combined.

“Donald Trump is not worthy of representing a country as diverse as the United States, which has been the backdrop for important fights against racial discrimination in favor of equality and human rights. It is thanks to this diversity that the United States were able to become the great power that it is today,” Anaya Cortés added.