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Thursday 30 of May 2024

Tortured Man Arrested on Tortilla Run Gets Another Trial

Suspect was physically abused first by police, then military forces

The Mexican Supreme Court decided to give a re-trial to a man who was arrested in 2011 under charges of crimes against health, specifically possession of marijuana with intent to sell, in addition to possession of fire arms.

Despite the fact that his arrest happened when he was walking through the streets of Tijuana with his cousin to go to buy tortillas, police submitted him to torture and got a confession out of him. The following day he was turned over to the military, who also tortured him and verified the confession.

Nonetheless, in front of a judge, the man retracted his confession. Despite the fact that there were medical experts that demonstrated that his injuries were caused during his arrest, the judge rejected their testimony and sentenced the man to eight years in prison.

The Supreme Court’s decision ordered a re-trial that took into account the medical tests.