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  • Messages of Solidarity Found in Donations

  • Cans of tuna and other donations have been transformed into forms of communication

Cans of Tuna are filled with messages of solidarity., photo: Twitter/abarajas007

22 of September 2017 13:54:42

Mexico has been shaken by two earthquakes recently but once again just like in ’85 all they have shown is an incredible solidarity by the Mexican people. Even when the situations get tough we’re always there to show empathy for one another.

Donations have become the means of communication between donors and victims. These donations come with messages of support, and some are loaded with the humor that Mexicans are known for. It helps us all forget the tragedy for a moment.

“Don’t loose faith,” “This will pass soon,”  “We are with you,” are some of the phrases that appear on bags of beans, cans of tuna or any other product that is being donated.

Here are some of the best messages:

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