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Senators Reject Gun Proposal

Senate President Pablo Escudero Morales said Preciado Rodríguez's proposal does not solve the problem of insecurity in Mexico City
By The News · 07 of October 2016 17:20:04
Senator Jorge Luis Preciado Rodríguez, No available, photo: Cuartoscuro/Isaac Esquivel

In the Senate, the National Action Party (PAN), the Institutional Revolution Party (PRI) and the Green Party (PVEM) rejected the proposal by Senator Jorge Luis Preciado Rodríguez that would allow business owners and taxi drivers carry guns to defend themselves in Mexico City.

PAN Coordinator Fernando Herrera Avila said that citizens can not be responsible for the lack of safety in the city.

He said that the proposal of former PAN Coordinator Jorge Luis Preciado, is a personal project, and does not represent the position of the PAN. He added that the principals of the PAN state that life and human dignity must always be respected.

Senate President Pablo Escudero Morales said Preciado Rodríguez’s proposal does not solve the problem of insecurity in Mexico City.

“I think that is not the way to solve a problem that concerns us all. To me it seems that this is a superficial solution,” he said.

The PRI Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Issues Enrique Burgos García said that a thorough assessment of this initiative should be made.

“It is an issue that requires serious thought. Why? Because maybe the solution is more complicated. (…) We must explore whether this option really is likely to produce improvement,” said Burgos García.

Both Escudero Morales and Burgos García added that, on behalf of Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, it is not that there is a lack of action in insecurity, the issue is that criminal gangs have migrated from other regions.