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  • RSF: Mexico, Deadliest Country for Journalists

  • RSF General Secretary Christopher Deloire is asking Peña Nieto to fulfill his promises

Journalist Javier Valdéz was gunned down in Culiacán, Sinaloa in the neighborhood of Jorge Aldama, May 15, 2017. photo: Cuartoscuro/ Especial Javier Valdéz , photo: Cuartoscuro/ Especial Javier Valdéz

06 of July 2017 15:58:54

The organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) criticized President Enrique Peña Nieto for allowing Mexico to become the "deadliest country in the world" for journalists so far in 2017.RSF General Secretary Christopher Deloire sent a letter to the official presidential residence of Los Pinos in which he labeled the violence as "unacceptable" and "undignified."In the letter, Deloire alluded to data indicating that 100 journalists have been killed since the year 2000, and pointed to the fact that in addition to murders, there are also many cases of kidnappings and violence directed towards journalists.

Deloire blames the lack of action on government impunity in Mexico, which he referred to as "the law" in Mexico."Pressure on journalists is made worse by the collusion between organized crime and certain government authorities, as well as politicians who choose to publicly attack journalists instead of helping them," said Deloire.Deloire is asking Peña Nieto to fulfill his promise of taking swift action against the offenders, as well as creating a national protocol to coordinate investigations and provide assistance to the victims.The RSF is asking Peña Nieto to strengthen the Special Prosecutor's Office for Crimes Against Freedom of Expression (FEADLE) as well as create an area within the Executive Care of Victims Commission (CEAV) that focuses on journalists.

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