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  • Protocol for Use of New Technologies Underway

  • The use of social media by officials has been a heated debate in Mexico City after denunciations via Periscope sparked complaints by citizens

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 06MARZO2016.- Un celular inteligente transmite a traves de la aplicación Periscope, la conferencia de prensa de Mauricio Tabe Echartea, presidente del Partido Acción Nacional en la Ciudad de México y Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, jefa delegacional en Miguel Hidalgo, para hablar al respecto sobre el uso de las redes sociales en el servicio público.FOTO: DIEGO SIMÓN SÁNCHEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM,

07 of March 2016 20:40:50

With the attendance of only 4 out of 16 borough presidents, authorities made public six points to be included in the protocol for the use of social media —such as as Periscope— by officials.[caption id="attachment_4470" align="alignleft" width="300"]Boroughs officials, deputies,human rights representatives, among others discussed the protocol. Photo: CAPITAL MEDIA/ Boroughs officials, deputies,human rights representatives, among others, discussed the protocol. Photo: CAPITAL MEDIA/David Gutiérrez.[/caption]The points considered were: a protocol as tool of governability that looks after rights and aids efficient governmental action; initiatives for the maximum use of new technologies to help communicate governmental actions; reviewing the law on civic culture to improve civic courts and their actions to create expedite tools for the citizen to denounce abuse.Additionally, the official proposed to reform the law on civic culture to underline the obligations of citizens, as well as pushing forward a series of meetings with civil society, academics and specialists to gather their opinions on the subject.The meeting was called by the President of the Government Commission of the Mexico City Congress (ALDF), Leonel Luna, who indicated that the aim is a conduct on the part of public figures that does not violate human rights, privacy or human dignity.

“There is a precise lawful framework, and the use of social media cannot substitute this framework at any point and even less the legislation. That is what we are calling this for this analysis and above all the proposal of this protocol."-Leonel Luna. Mexico City Congress
It was agreed that the Institute for Access to Public Information and Data Protection (InfoDF) would be the competent body to concentrate proposals and seek the opinion of those participating in the new draft for the political constitution of Mexico City.

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