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The News
  • PRI Hidalgo Governor Candidate Chosen

  • Ceremony held for Omar Fayad Meneses by Manlio Fabio Beltrones

MEXICO D.F. 17FEBRERO2010.- Omar Fayad Meneses, Diputado del PRI, dio un recorrido a su esposa Victoria Rufo, por las instalaciones de la Camara de Diputados.FOTO: GUILLERMO PEREA/CUARTOSCURO.COM,

06 of March 2016 08:26:02

Omar Fayad Meneses is the new Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate for the Hidalgo governor. The national leader of PRI, Manlio Fabio Beltrones, led the oath acceptance ceremony.A little over 10,000 PRI supporters were also present at the event which took place in the Plaza de los Toros Vicente Segura in Pachuca. Beltrones predicted a win for PRI on June 5, on which not just a governor will be elected, but also 30 local deputies and 84 mayors.Fayad Meneses asked supporters to help him with the election in order to fix the social setback that it still very prevalent in the state.Both Fayad Meneses and Beltrones posted about the event on their Twitter pages:

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