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  • PRI Deputies Sue Graco Ramírez over Sinkhole

  • The deputies claim that Ramírez Garrido is responsible for the slow and unprepared response by civil protection services

CUERNAVACA, MORELOS, 12JULIO2017.- Un vehículo cayó en un socavón que se abrió en los carriles laterales con dirección al norte del Paso Exprés, en el sur de la capital. Personal de seguridad realizó labores de rescate desde hace horas sin obtener resultados positivos, y para ello fue necesario cerra la circulación.FOTO: MARGARITO PÉREZ RETANA /CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Cuartoscuro/Margarito Pérez Retana

04 of August 2017 15:40:26

Three Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) deputies filed a lawsuit to bring former Morelos Governor Graco Ramírez Garrido to trial over the sinkhole that occurred in the Paso Exprés in Cuernavaca, Morelos in which two people lost their lives.Deputies Matías Nazario Morales, Rosalina Mazari Espín and Manuel Vallejo Barragán submitted evidence to the General Secretary of the lower chamber of deputies.Nazario Morales said that there is evidence that Ramírez Garrido acted with negligence."We provided certified tweets that prove that Graco Ramírez was was involved in political activities in the state of Nuevo León within hours after the accident took place," said Nazario Morales.Mazari Espín said that when civil protection services showed up to the scene of the accident, they didn't have the appropriate equipment, which shows negligence by Ramírez Garrido. According to Vallejo Barragán, civil protection services should have acted immediately and that falls under Ramírez Garrido's responsibilities.The deputies warned Ramírez Garrido that he will be held responsible if they or their families should fall victims to any sort of intimidation.

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