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Wednesday 29 of May 2024

President Peña Nieto Celebrates Flag Day in Iguala

President Enrique Peña Nieto made his first visit to Iguala, Guerrero, to commemorate National Flag Day

For the first time, President Enrique Peña Nieto visited Iguala, Guerrero, a municipality overshadowed by the investigation of the teaching students of Ayotzinapa.

He acknowledged that these facts stopped the urgency of strengthening institutions for the rule of law, and warned that this place does not deserve to be marked by tragedy.

“Iguala is an emblematic city in our national history can not be marked by these tragic events. Its people deserves to be known for its strengths, for its quality and its strong character to achieve success for its community,” he said.

The President had decided to commemorate the 195th anniversary of Flag Day in Iguala.

In this location, he defended the research that has  followed the disappearance of students, by beginning with the facts.

He said that Guerrero has enacted its total capabilities to conduct a thorough and transparent investigative process.

“Throughout the nation’s history Mexicans have found again and again that the best path to the future is precisely the law and its institutions. The unfortunate events that happened here in September 2014 showed the need to continue on that route, since for over one year and five months, the Mexican government has deployed an institutional power to enact justice from a deep, transparent and open, even with the cooperation of various international research bodies,” he said.

Peña Nieto said the federal government will continue to drive changes that will strengthen the capabilities of the country in all spheres of its national life.

The chairman of the board of the Senate, Roberto Gil condemned those who used the tragedy and pain as a means of incitement. He said they will not combat criminals with politics, but with the strengthening of institutions.

In celebration of Flag Day he was accompanied by the federal cabinet.

The president raised the monumental flag, and swore and registered to a convoy of 300 units of the Army, Air Force and Navy.