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Sunday 26 of May 2024

Positive Evaluation of Teachers in Guerrero, says Nuño Mayer

Photo: SEP/
Photo: SEP/
Total teacher participation at 76 percent since November

MEXICO CITY – The remaining outstanding teacher evaluation in Guerrero have been positive, including those who presented their examination in November; totaling almost 76 percent of the teachers summoned.

The head of the Public Education Secretariat (SEP), Aurelio Nuño Mayer said that this action concludes the evaluation process in this state, so there are already 29 states that have fully completed their evaluation process.

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 11ABRIL2016.- Aurelio Nuño, secretario de la Función Pública (SEP), visitó la escuela Esperador Cuauhtémoc, en la delegación Gustavo A. Madero. Durante un recorrido en el centro educativo corroboró las malas condiciones de los baños y los bebedores, los cuales no funcionaron nunca, aseveró el director de la escuela. El político sealo que el marco del programa Escuelas al CIEN se le asiganron a la misma la cantidad de cuatro millones de pesos.  FOTO: SEP /CUARTOSCURO.COM
CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 11ABRIL2016.- Aurelio Nuño, Public Education Secretary (SEP), visited Esperador Cuauhtémoc Elementary School. Photo: SEP /

In a conference at the end of the visit to the Emperador Cuauhtémoc Elementary School, located near the Mexico City International Airport, Nuño reiterated that those who were not present do the evaluation despite having up to two opportunities, will be discharged.

In the case of Guerrero, the official said that there will be an average of 1,300 teachers who are in this situation, as in the case of the nearly 3,400 teachers from 28 other states.

“Now follows the assessment in Michoacán, and we also have replacements in Oaxaca and Chiapas, which will conclude the entire evaluation process,” he said.

Nuño Mayer added that work will continue on Oaxaca with the local government to continue to advance education reform, to which he welcomed the recent approval of the State Health Law last weekend.

He invited the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) to walk the path of education reform, where there is a great space to talk together and build for Mexico, he claimed.

Whoever will want to continue opposing educational reform, and show disagreement with the changes “will find a firm and strong authority, as has been found so far,” Nuño said.