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Sunday 26 of May 2024

Paso Express de Cuernavaca Closed Due to Hole in Road Surface

A road closure sign,photo: Wikipedia
A road closure sign,photo: Wikipedia
A car is reported to have fallen into the hole in the road surface, after the road partially collapsed

Federal and local authorities have closed the Paso Express de Cuernavaca due to a hole that opened in the surface of the road this morning. Traffic is currently banned from using the route.

“Partial closure due to the collapse of the asphalt surface km 93 + 600 Ctra México-Cuernavaca, same stretch,” said the Federal Police on its Twitter account @PoliciaFedMx.

Meanwhile the Government of Cuernavaca, Morelos, indicated that, “due to the collapse, PasoExprés has closed both lanes heading south. Civil Protection Cuernavaca is currently at work on site.”

The Twitter account @CuernavacaGob reported that firefighters said that a car had fallen into the opening and for that reason they were advising drivers to avoid the zone and to use the alternative routes.