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  • Orthodox Catholic Church Archbishop Dies

  • Antonio Chedraoui died at the age of 85 in Mexico City

March 14, 2004, In the absence of Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, Archbishop Marcelino Hernandez and Metropolitan Archbishop Antonio Chedraoui Tanous officiated the mass of the 4th World Day of the Emigrant in the Lebanese Center, photo: Cuartoscuro/Sandra Perdomo

14 of June 2017 15:29:44

Antonio Chedraoui, archbishop of the Orthodox Catholic Church of Mexico, Venezuela and Central America, died this morning in Mexican City at 85. "The Lebanese community of Quintana Roo joins the condolences for the death of Antonio Chedraoui who passed away today in CDMX," wrote the Lebanese Association of Quintana Roo, on their Twitter account @libanesqroo.

Antonio Chedraoui was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, on January 17, 1932, he was ordained as deacon on July 20, 1952 and on August 29, 1958 he received the Order of the Priesthood and was appointed Archimandrite (Monsignor).

According to the Orthodox Catholic Church of Antioch, on June 5, 1966 he was consecrated Bishop, receiving the appointment of Patriarchal Vicar for Mexico, Venezuela, Central America and the Caribbean.

He was known for having good relationships with the majority of the presidents of the Republic of Lebanon from the 1950s until his last days. In addition, he met with various heads of state, such as the Kings of Greece, Pablo and Federica and the presidents of Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

The Orthodox Catholic Church said he was considered one of the most prominent leaders of the Lebanese Colony in Mexico and the other Arab Colonies.

He also had the privilege of having the friendship of several Mexican presidents, from Gustavo Díaz Ordaz to Vicente Fox Quesada, in addition to the appreciation and friendship of various secretaries of state, religious leaders from various churches, as well as Mexican political leaders.

Antonio Chedraoui received the Mexican nationality on October 4, 1994.

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